Harjoitus 1

New Horizons

Lucy Wingrove,  a Copywriter for Byrd Communications, is having her final quarterly review meeting with her boss, Greg Samson. This will be the last of the four progress meetings they have had this year.

Lucy Wingrove: Hello, Mr. Samson. I’m here for our scheduled meeting. Is it still a good time?

Greg Samson: Hello, Lucy! Yes, yes, do come in. Please have a seat. How are you this morning?

Lucy Wingrove: I’m doing well. How about yourself?

Greg Samson: I can’t complain. Alright, let’s jump right in, shall we? I must say, Lucy, generally speaking, you have continuously met all of your goals this year. It seems like you haven’t taken a break this quarter–not even once! One might think that such an uninterrupted workflow would result in mistakes, but you have moved forward and advanced quite well as a Copywriter with our company. You should be quite proud of yourself, Lucy.

Lucy Wingrove: Thank you, Mr. Samson. I am quite proud of everything I’ve achieved this year. It doesn’t seem like it’s only been one year with Byrd Communications. It has flown by!

Greg Samson: Oh yes. Speaking of that, I’d say your greatest achievement was landing the Esson account last month with your fresh, modern copy on their advertising campaign. We couldn’t have brought them on as a client without your writing skills.

Lucy Wingrove: Thank you, Mr. Samson, but it was definitely a team effort.

Greg Samson: Well, on the topic of teams, I was wondering if you’d read the company-wide email that was sent out last week. 

Lucy Wingrove: Oh, yes I did. I read that the Senior Copywriter, Sandra Bettigton has decided to change directions and has accepted a role as a paralegal! I thought that was quite a drastic career change.

Greg Samson: Ah, yes. No one saw that coming. She had told me that she was looking for a new job, but I didn’t expect it to be in a completely different field! Anyway, after monitoring your progress over the past year, I really think you’re ready for a promotion. That is, if you’re interested in advancing with this company and want to take on more responsibility.

Lucy Wingrove: Wow, I hadn’t really thought of that, actually. Do you mean applying for Sandra’s position as Senior Copywriter?

Greg Samson: Yes, exactly. Your progress shows that you’re capable and your working style is creative while still being efficient; you don’t waste time and get straight to the point. This would help you immensely in managing a team and training new copywriters.

Lucy Wingrove: To be honest, I haven’t planned ahead much because I was so focused on meeting my goals for this year. Now that you mention it, though, I would quite like managing a team.

Greg Samson: Great. I know, it’s difficult to make plans

 for the new year when you have so much to finish this year. I’d suggest that you act swiftly, though. The Human Resources Department is going to advertise the open position online, but I know they’re going to read applications from current employees in advance. In any case, the competition might be a little difficult, so it’s best to approach this strategically.

Lucy Wingrove: I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

Greg Samson: Well, in other words, I assume that many copywriters from the department are going to apply for the position, so you’ll need to showcase your abilities in your favor. You should highlight your recent work on the Esson case, and I’ll help by writing a reference about your excellent work this past year.

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