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Tällä viikolla pääset harjoittelemaan omasta osaamisestasi sekä työnantajastasi kertomista. Tutustu tällä sivulla oleviin esimerkkeihin ja palauta tehtävät ohjeistuksen mukaan.

HUOMIOITAVAA: Verbin yleismuoto ja kestomuoto

Käytä yleismuotoa aina kun kerrot yleisesti tai joka päivä tapahtuvista asioista:
I work at Nokia. I wake up at 6am. I travel to work by train. I went to university in Germany.

Käytä kestomuotoa aina kun kerrot asiasta, joka tapahtuu tai tapahtui kertomishetkellä, tai on ärsyttävä tapa:
I am currently reading a book about Barack Obama. I am speaking on the phone right now, can you come back later? He is always complaining about customers. He was explaining it when you walked in.

Esimerkkejä esittelyistä:

Englanninkielisiä yritysesittelyjä:




Huom! Voit säätää äänitteen nopeutta ja lisätä tekstityksen videon oikeasta alakulmasta!

Ms. Basso: Welcome, Mr. Golden! Has our receptionist shown you around and given you the grand tour of our headquarters?
Mr. Golden: Yes, she has! The rest of the recruitment team also introduced themselves and we got to know each other.
Ms. Basso: Excellent! It’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person. These days, it’s so nice to have face-to-face meetings instead of Zoom calls!
Mr. Golden: Absolutely, and let me just say, Worthington Industries has made a good impression so far! I have really appreciated the personal connections and time you all have spent with me during my first visit.
Ms. Basso: Offering time and attention to our clients is one of our core values that we believe in.
Mr. Golden: Yes, I noticed your high standards when I read over your mission statement, which included your other goals, on your website. If I recall correctly from the company profile in my welcome packet, your firm has been operating since 2015?
Ms. Basso: Exactly. Plus, we have successfully managed over 4500 public relations clients since then! Our strategies have proven to be effective each time.
Mr. Golden: Oh, I don’t doubt it. I’ve read over the testimonials from past clients, and they didn’t have a bad thing to say about you at all. That, plus this introductory visit, really makes Worthington Industries stand out from the rest of the potential firms I’m considering.
Ms. Basso:
You’ll find that we are different here at Worthington. In fact, this isn’t the typical sales pitch. In other words, I’m not going to sit here and present a lot of data on why you should choose us. Rather, I’d like to ask you what we need to do to sign you on as a client today.
Mr. Golden: Well, to be honest, your rates aren’t that competitive when compared to the other firms on the market. Is there any way you can lower your prices?
Ms. Basso:
That’s an excellent question. We’re prepared to make an offer right now with a 10% discount. Why don’t we bring in our CEO, Ms. Bernard, into our offices…


(to) present
(to) make a good impression
(to) make an offer
(to) introduce (yourself, the company)
(a) company profile
mission statement
(a sales) pitch

(to) show (someone) around
(to) stand out (from the competition)

Tarkista sanojen merkitykset ja ääntäminen:
Our head office is in... We are based in...

We have about ... staff We employ ... people

We produce/manufacture/sell ...

We provide/offer ...

Our main competitors are...

Products: Our main customers are/include...
Services: Our main clients are/include...

Company type
We are a public company.
We are a privately-owned company.

Financial results
Last year, our gross revenue was about ... Last year, we made a profit/loss of ...
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