Lisämateriaali I

Englannin kielen sanajärjestys

Suomen ja englannin kielen sanajärjestykset eroavat toisistaan melko paljon, ja tämä voi usein olla syynä sille, että lauseiden muodostaminen on haastavaa. Siksi sanajärjestys kannattaa palauttaa mieleen ensimmäisenä. Katso video sanajärjestyksestä ja kiinnitä huomiota siihen, miten lauseet on muodostettu tämän sivun teksteissä!

Muodollinen subjekti: it/there is ja there are
Jos lauseessa ei ole subjektia, se voidaan aloittaa there is/it is -rakenteella.

Tässä tekstissä on käytetty paljon there is/there are -rakenteita. Pohdi, miten lauseita on muodostettu tässä tekstissä.

It’s Monday morning and there is a big problem at Quantum House Inc.’s headquarters. Quantum House is an advertising agency, and they create websites for over 100 high-profile clients. Over the weekend, some clients complained about slow-moving websites and problems logging in. Now, two client managers, Silvia Harris and Connor Penn, are looking into the problems.

Silvia Harris: Connor, there are bugs and errors in almost all of the websites for my clients. Are you noticing the same thing?
Connor Penn:
Yes, Silvia, unfortunately there are over a dozen problems with my clients’ websites as well. Our Information Technology department thinks there is a virus in the main database.
Silvia Harris: Do you think there’s also a data breach, then? If there are bugs in our clients’ websites, our clients’ information could be at risk.
Connor Penn:
You’re right. I think there’s a hacker trying to break into our database.
Silvia Harris: I’ll ask my employees to contact the clients and tell them to change all of their passwords. What else should we do?
Connor Penn:
I don’t think there’s anything else we can do at the moment. We need to wait for the IT department to finish their checks.
Silvia Harris: Okay. This is terrible. With this risk, there are big problems concerning the Halston account above all. They manage confidential information for banks.
Connor Penn:
I know. There’s an issue with our phone system at the moment, but the Halston account should be the first account we contact.
Silvia Harris: Wow, what a disaster! How long do you think this will take to resolve?
Connor Penn:
Well, since there isn’t anything else going on today, the IT department will make this a priority. I hope they can finish by today.
Silvia Harris: Do you think there is something we can do to help our clients stay calm during this crisis? Maybe we can offer them more services for the next few months. It should be free, of course.
Connor Penn:
That’s a good idea. There are some interns working with us now; I can ask them to create a document with the new services we can offer.
Silvia Harris: Okay! Include things like 24/7 Customer Support and updated website templates.
Connor Penn:
Sounds good. There are probably other things we can offer, too. I’ll have a meeting with my team and let you know.

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