Verbi BE


Yksi englannin kielen keskeisimmistä verbeistä on BE. Sitä käytetään sekä perusmerkityksessään olla-verbinä että apuverbinä eri yhteyksissä. Kertaa be-verbin käyttö näiden harjoitusten avulla.

Kuuntele teksti tästä.

Our new manager

Tässä tekstissä on käytetty be-verbiä eri muodoissaan.

Our new manager started two weeks ago. I feel like he has put a bomb under our office. Our previous manager retired and Mr Saunders took his place. I think Mr Saunders is only about thirty years old. He’s much younger than me, and he’s very enthusiastic. In fact, I think he’s a slave driver. He wants to change everything, and says that we have been taking things too easy. I don’t think we were lazy, but before he arrived, everyone in our office went home on time and we never worked at the weekend. As soon as we arrived at work on Mr Saunders’ first day, we knew that everything was about to change. He came out of his office.‘I have been here for an hour and a half,’ he said. ‘Where were you all? I expect to see you here much earlier tomorrow!‘This afternoon, there will be a team meeting. Please be ready to discuss the company’s plan for the next six months. Bring along any documents that are relevant to our discussion.’ I looked at my friend Lisa.‘ What plan is he talking about?’ I whispered.‘No idea, she replied. ‘I didn’t know we had one.’Then he spent time with each of us at our desks. He watched me input some data.‘Why are you so slow?’ he asked me.‘I’m not being slow,’ I told him, ‘I’m being careful.’ Our work is going to be much more stressful from now on!


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